Company Snapshot

At GIT we are very proud of our record. We have tried, and succeeded in building a new company that not only works for you, our clients, in providing the best remanufactured toner cartridges you can find in the market, but we have also made an impact of the local environment with our concentration on rebuilding and reusing. Take a look through this snapshot history of GIT to see how we have progressed.

German Imaging Technologies was founded in Dubai in 1999 by its founding partner and CEO, Dr Sassan Dieter Khatib-Shahidi, as an onshore Limited Liability Company with single mission based on the single idea of fill a void in the market for the environmentally-friendly production of remanufactured cartridges that combines an economical use of existing resources with a selection of ecologically sound new parts.

GIT Landmark Years

  • In 2000 GIT began selling remanufactured toner cartridges
  • In 2001 we started offering printer services for clients
  • In 2007 GIT began to offer MPS solutions
  • In 2010 we started event solutions and short-term printer rentals
  • In 2012 we opened a new office in Abu Dhabi and additional premises in Dubai
  • In 2014 our employee role hit 90 staff-and continues to rise
  • In 2015 we opened three new branches in Al Ain, Jebel Ali, and Sharjah
  • In 2015 we launched the new LION brand, exclusively for resellers and distribution partners
  • In 2016 we opened our first international full operational presence in Kenya and Kuwait

GIT Key Facts

  • GIT has been the UAE market leader in the supply of remanufactured printer cartridges since 2007 (IDC)
  • GIT’s growth figures for the period 2005-2015 were on average 17% per annum
  • We are located in the following areas:
  1. Main production plant, Umm Ramool Industrial Area, Dubai, UAE
  2. Commercial office, Downtown Dubai, UAE
  3. Branch Office, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  4. Branch Office, Frankfurt, Germany
  5. Branch Office, Al Ain, UAE
  6. Branch Office, Jebel Ali, UAE
  7. Branch Office, Sharjah, UAE
  8. Branch Office, Kuwait, Kuwait
  9. Sister Company, Nairobi, Kenya
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