The GIT Environmental Pledge

German Imaging Technology (GIT) pledges the following:

  • To provide the best value and highest quality printing products and services in the market, while at the same time vigorously working to minimise our impact as a company on the environment through our day-to-day production activity.

  • To remanufacture, reuse, rebuild and reclaim as much as we can.

  • To safely dispose of all materials we cannot remanufacture and to encourage all our clients to pass their surplus materials onto us for the same reason.

  • To increasingly reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.

  • To work with civic bodies, other companies, environmental groups and individuals to begin a print collection service for the remanufacture and recycling of as much of the UAE’s surplus print materials as possible over the coming years.

  • To surpass the industry’s guidelines and practices that deal with recycling and disposal of all the products we deal with.

  • To foster an enthusiastic and committed approach to improving all our environmental activities through the refining of our work practices, training and education for employees, companies and individuals alike.

The GIT ‘Six of the Best’ Declaration

At GIT, we declare that shall always attempt to:

  • Educate everyone into following environmentally-friendly policies
  • Disassemble what is at the end of its life
  • Minimize what is wasted
  • Recapture anything useful
  • Reuse what we recapture
  • Remanufacture what we recapture

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