Printer Lease and Rental

One or Many

GIT is able to supply you with the printer you require for your particular short term rental need, whether it is a small workstation LaserJet or high volume workgroup LaserJet. We can help you assess your printing needs so you make the right choice for your business.

Both monochrome and colour printers as well as multifunction devices are available for short and long-term rental. They can also be offered individually or as part of one of our print management packages.

Lowering Investment Costs

One of the advantages of rental is that it actively reduces your investment cost on printers; you do not have to worry about the depreciating value of your equipment while you are using it-and, as cartridges are included in the price we offer, you save on your ink bills as you will be using our premium products which are significantly cheaper than their OEM equivalents.

One Size does NOT Fit All

With our years of knowledge of printing and the hardware available in the market we can recommend single devices and combinations that match your business operation perfectly. With our huge range of printing options, you can be assured that what you will receive is the best possible advice that takes advantage of the latest in technological innovation and printing power.

Retiring your Old Equipment

Like everything else in life, your printing equipment will eventually go the way of all things. Sometimes, no matter how much we want to help the environment and our costs, equipment will need to be decommissioned. At GIT we meet this need as a responsibility by assuring that your old hardware is disposed of properly, and in a way that ensures the maximum protection of the environment.